Nuvoryn Reviews and Analysis: Is Nuvoryn a Scam?

Nuvoryn Reviews and Analysis: Is Nuvoryn a Scam?

by Alex

As you enter the salespage of Nuvoryn, you are going to find the following statement:

“Discover the all-Natural, Science-Backed weight-loss pill that turbocharges your metabolism, energizes your body and allow you to burn off the body fat.”


I find the above claims to be dime a dozen. Every week we are bombarded with weight-loss ads on TV, radio, magazine, and internet. They all promise that if you buy the “miracle in a bottle” you will shed off the extra pounds effortlessly. But, they often don’t provide medical evidence to back up their claims.

Nuvoryn is no different. Nuvoryn seems to contain few beneficial ingredients, but the product itself is not being studied in clinical trials! Unfurtunately, most desperate dieters can’t tell the difference. The thing is, Nuoryn is marketed as dietary supplements. According to the regulation, the FDA(Food and Drugs Administration) does not regulate the manufacturing process of dieatary supplements. In addition, the FDA requires no rigorious testing for supplements, as it does for drugs. The loopholes actually enables many manufacturers to produce substanrad products!

Now let’s get back to Nuvoryn. Can Nuvoryn deliver the promise?

Here’s the list of key ingredients, and the claims they made:

Claim #1: Green tea can help to raise your metabolism and lose weight without exercise

Truth: early studies show that Green tea may help to increase metabolism and promote fat reduction. However, the result is very, very small, and unlikely to result in noticeable difference! And, the result is probably due to caffeine content inside the green tea. If you are sensitive to caffein, stay away from caffeine-based supplement like Nuvoryn, as too much can increase heart rate and result in sleep problem.

Claim #2: Resveratrol is believed to boost endurance, prevent weight gain and improve energy
Truth: Yes, there are plethora of research to study the benefit of Reveratrol, though most are animal-based. It doesn’t neccesarily benefit human! A rat is not human, eh?

Claim #3: Acai is widely recognized as a “superfood” with numerous benefits, including weight loss.
Truth: No this superfood is not the solution to weight loss. The research evidence is lacking.

Who’s behind Nuvoryn: If you look at the “contact us” page all you can find is a contact number and feedback form. It seems that the operator wants to remain annonymous. The operating name, and physical address is not revealed! Hmm… a big red flag.

Nuvoryn scam and complaint? Ok so they offer “100% money back guarantee”. Yet, it doesn’t mean squat. The company behind Nuvoryn appears to be involve in shady marketing practice. Many customers of Nuvoryn fail to obtain their refund, and are scammed thousands of dollars! As well, some customer are charged, and do not receive the order. See for yourself here and here.

In summary, stay away from Nuvoryn!

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