Mega T Green Tea Pills Reviews

Mega T Green Tea Pills Reviews

by Alex

You’ve probably seen the advertisement of Mega T Green Tea pills:

“Lose up to 20 lbs!”“Mega-T will stimulate your metabolism and lose weight!”

The odds are: you land on this page because you are interested in this fat-burning supplement. Specifically, you are interested to improve overall health and shed those extra pounds. Who knows, Mega T Green pills could be the miracle cure!

Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

First of all, the benefit of green tea as weight-loss agent is often exaggerated. Few studies show that it can help to increase metabolism, but it does not cause permanent weight loss.

One Swiss study concluded that supplementation of 50 mg caffeine and 90 mg EGCG (active )compound of green tea extract) 3 times a day boost metabolic rate by 4%, which is equivalent to about 79 calories on average.

Now let’s do the math.

To lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories. With green tea supplement, it takes 44 days just to shed off one pound.

Not very exciting, eh?

If you stick to sensible diet and regular exercise regime, you can lose way more than that!

What’s more, in this study the researchers measured a 24-hour increase in energy expentire. The long term effectviness and efficacy of green tea extra are not evaluated.

Another Taiwanese study showed that Green tea consumption results in average weight reduction of only 0.3%. However, it also showed that Green tea extract did reduce the bad cholesterol level.

In short, Green tea is healthy, but it hardly constitutes miracle.

What about other ingredients of Mega T Green Tea diet pills?
One red flag about Mega T is the proprietary blend. The manufacturers do not disclose the exact amount of each ingredients. I try to avoid supplements with this kind of “label dressing”. By and large, manufacturers use it to hide the fact that the products contain very little useful ingredients.

The major ingredients of Mega T are:

Calcium: one study conducted by University of Tennessee have linked higher intake of calcium to lower body fat. (2) But, it is a lab rat experiments. The effects on human are not studied. A report of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality concluded that Calcium have no effect of body weight loss.

It’s important to note that calcium supplements should be taken with vitamin D, Zinc and manegium so that your body can absorb calcium better. Alas you can’t find these ingredients inside the Mega T formula.

Chromium: many weight loss supplements include chromium inside their formula. It’s advertised as appetite suppresants, fat burner and muscle preserver. However, most clinical studies is effectviness in body fat reduction. See for yourself here

Caffeine: another overhyped fat-burning agent, though it does not facilitate weight loss. It has shown to have mild effects on increasing metabolism, and suppresing appetite.

There are few other ingredients inside the Mega T formula, including Eleuthero root standardized extract, Fo ti root, Garcinia fruit standardized extract, Guarana seed standardized extract, Bladderwrack kelp, and Gotu kola. I will not go into the details because none of these ingredients are proven to aid weight loss!

Mega T Green Tea: One thing you MUST know

As mentioned, there studies surrounding the ingredients inside the Mega T formula. Still, there’s no peer-reviewed studies  or clinical trials on the product. In other words, the efficacy and effectivness of Mega T is not validated.

SummaryIn closing, taking Green T probably won’t hurt, but don’t expect miracle. . There are few success stories published on the official website, and it could be the results of smart diet and regular exercise.

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