Herbal Magic Customer Review | Does Herbal Magic Work ?

Herbal Magic Review : Does it work?

by Alex

Description: Herbal Magic is a Canadian based weight loss and wellness centre. Their plan is designed to promote health (improve improve various health issues, including stress, cold flu, arthritis, and digestion) and help you to lose weight. According to Herbal Magic, their clients lost between 2 to 7 pounds in a week!
Their plan include personal consultation and herbal supplements. Herbal Magic provides free consultation to those who are interested.

Herbal Magic Cost:
Not specify on their website. According to some of Herbal Magic’s customers, joining fee is $1000. The monthly fee is approximately $250 per month.

Herbal Magic Diet: The typical meal consists of 2 proteins, 2 starches, 2 fruits, 2 fats, 1 dairy and 3 veggies.

Duration: Typical Herbal magic plan ranges from 1- 1.5 year.

Does Herbal Magic Work? Read Herbal Magic Customers’ reviews and complaints!

ShannonW from Canadianparents.ca forum: “Crazy isn’t it? The initial start up with their starter kit was $1200, they are very pushy and I thought I had to buy the starter kit, for an extra 350, which is a total rip off, for a canvas bag some bars and a few other things, total rip off, the 800 start up fee is for their support you have to go in 3x a week. Anyways, it costs 57 a week for the pills and an additional 30 a month for the rest of the pills.”

Crazyzone from myfit.ca forum:
“I just canceled my agreement with them under the Consumer Protection Act. It is indeed almost $300 a month. The weekly supplements are $54 and there is one for $25 a month…and this does not include any other add-ons.
It is simply too restrictive, not feasible in the long term, and is too low in calories.
The side effect, constipation, for me was horrible.”

User review from Yahoo! Answer:
“Just to warn you, it costs a lot of money. And I find that some of the counsellors are a bit rude & make you feel “bad” if you cheated. I for one wish I hadn’t signed up. There are other ways to lose weight but I like the fact that I’m accountable to them.”

Verdict: The diet is extremely restrictive and not feasible in the long run. In addition, Herbal Magic is too expensive. If you quit the program, you may stop losing weight or gain back all the weight! If you google Herbal Magic, you will find enormous complaints agains the company. Thus, I strongly advice you to take claims of Herbal Magic with grain of salt.

Don’t be disappointed, there are other better and cheaper ways to help you achieve your goal.

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moveitlady August 22, 2008 at 12:25 am

Now, now.
to spend $1000 may seem a bit obsurd to you. But can you honestly tell me that the price of overall self-satisfaction can be denounced? You are taught healthy eating habits, and the diet is based on all grocery bought foods…it is not restictive at all. Every health consultant is different, and if you find a center that will work with you to help you achieve and maintain your ultmate goal it is a wonderful thing. You may find complaints against this company, but i for one am a strong believer in this program. If you seek motivation, as well as a healthy aproach to eating…i advise you to go for a consultation to hear about it.


Melissa September 2, 2008 at 1:59 am

I just started this program 4 weeks ago and have lost 12 solid pounds. This is a easy way to loss weight and it is healthy. I know other people that have done the program and have kept their weight off for over 3 years now. If you take their easy diet plan and used some other suppliments like Hoodia , your not going to see the same results as joining the program. To have the support and kinda their supervision makes you dedicated to the program. It feels awesome walking out of their clinic , having your pants fall off, nowing that you lost another pound. Expensive yes, but so is joining the gym that your not going to go to in a month and so is buying all the crappy food you use to eat that is sitting in your cupboards. Easy Easy, I strongly recommend this for all weight catagories.


Lynda Sparrow May 16, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Its way too much money!

If you want to spend that much go to the Bernstein diet, where they actually know something about weight loss. I went to herbal magic and it is a huge scam. The owner of the one I went to was more concerned about hitting anyone who walked in for a job for her out of work/high school drop out son!

The other girl that worked there, made it clear it was all “under the table” she didnt want to loose her welfare cheque.

Worst company I have ever, ever done business with.


Jody July 19, 2009 at 2:35 am

Does anyone know if the herbal magic food diet works? I do not want to take the supplements because it is way to much money, If anyone knows email me back. Thanks.


Jean November 17, 2009 at 12:28 am

Don’t go to Herbal Magic. It is a totally scam. They didn’t explain the whole costs to me in the beginning. Everytime I went there, they told there is another thing I need to buy. They are using people to make money.


Sabrina November 24, 2009 at 6:17 pm

i just started the HM diet on November 20th… so far it’s been 5 days and i have been struggling trying to “fill” myself up.
I brought this concern up with a rep from HM and she told me to drink more water that our bodies dont no the difference between being hungry and being thirsty… i am sorry but i know the difference. and come on i am already drinking 7 bottles of water a day which is 14 8oz glasses. i am not happy with HM and i do plan on quitting.
has anyone had trouble quiting HM???


misshell December 8, 2009 at 2:58 pm

I do not condone or support HM due to the restrictions (anyone can starve themselves and lose weight, the problem is that it’s not healthy!). The supplements may or may not work, although they’re supplements you can buy in any pharmacy or herbal store for half the price. The “counsellors” at HM have no real training. Some may have related educational backgrounds, but the educational requirements are nil. Their concern (for their counsellors) is the ability to sell and push products onto desperate people during desperate and weak times. If you have a background in sales or are a good salesperson, consider yourself hired. The “training” program is about just that – how to sell products and on top of that, how to convince people they need supplements they really don’t. Constipated? Try a pill. Or better yet, try eating more fibre and whole grains and exercise (which is also moderately discouraged on the plan).
That said, losing weight (in my experience) is a bit like quitting smoking. What works for some (the cheap and accessible methods) may not work for everyone and some people, despite the food restrictions or lack of medically trained counsellors, do need that restriction and slap in the face essentially. Some people need to be shown and told in black and white that the choices they’re making are contributing to them being overweight. If, after pursuing all other options, you feel you need a more rigid plan (and if you have the $1500+ to shell out for their services [not including food]), then HM may be a viable option. But to anyone considering signing up with them, please make it a last option!


Heather December 9, 2009 at 4:59 pm

Hi Jody,

Just came across you r message. I joined Herbal Magic in March 2009. I had lost 42 pounds and had to go off of it because my periods became irregular (i was having alot of stress at that time). I should mention that I did not take the pills as I was breastfeeding at the time. They were more than accomodating to this. I did do wonderful on my own without the pills and that is the way that I have chosen to go. Not that I don’t believe in them, just that I was on a roll. I was off for 4 months and have been able to maintain the whole time. Now that I have less stress and have regulated things again, i will be returning. Herbal Magic may be expensive, but it was worth every penny. I know that I have learned lifestyle modification because I went from walking to running 2 min 3 walking to now running a 10 K. I owe this to herbal magic. The motivation, support and guidance they have given me had helped me to do things I never thought possible. !


Karen Jo January 26, 2010 at 8:48 pm

I bought Herbal Magic starter kit last Friday. The package is around $450 worth 3 weeks of supply. I took my first pills next Monday before lunch. Early next morning I woke up to stomach pain which I haven’t experienced for years. I had to sit down at kitchen table for 2 hours for the pain to pass. I was paying to loss weight, not to loss my health. I called Herbal Magic right away to ask if they can take back the sealed bottles while I keep the opened ones. Their answer is the products are all natural which shouldn’t be responsible for the stomachache that I should keep on taking the pills. The personal coach said she would contact their scientists for the proof – that their products are not to be blamed. So far they refused to take anything back, no matter opened or not. I called the head quarter and they say their 800 number is only for making appointments that if I have problems I should talk to the personal coach. I am writing to share my bad experience and hope other moms don’t fall into the same hole. I am still in contact of them to find a way to settle down. If there is a happy ending, I will sure update this post


Vicki February 7, 2010 at 3:30 am

can anyone tell me if they had sigmificant hair loss while on the product…my hair is falling out in large clumps when I shower and blowdry…???
I have heard that this is one of the side effects but it is hard to find the answers..they block the negetive feedback as much as they can on their website and my ‘coach’ says it must just be climate related because of the winter..I am 37 years old I think in one of the past winters I would have noticed this…
anyone that can help ? thanks


Pamela May 6, 2010 at 5:19 pm

I have been on the Herbal Magic Plan for 3 month an lost 10 lbs so far. So far the program helped me loose weight and I get to prepare healthy meals with regular grocery items – no salt. They have a resturant menu guide which can be helpful if you are eating out. Yes it conditions you to measure, weigh and control your portions.
However, you are expected to purchase weekly supply of supplements at avergare $55 per week. One of the supplement is Chromagic, an appetite suppressant. Once bottle cost $25 and each capsule is 100 mg Chomium (dosage of 300 mg per day) You can purchase Chormium (500 mg capsules) at Walmart for $6 per bottle. Your are expected to visit the centre 3 time per week for weigh-in and food journal review. I find the staff to be untrained, lack basic nutritional knowledge, and tactless. I find it interesting that all 4 staff at the clinic told me the program works because they all tried it and lost their 30-40 lbs — Classic sales line!!!
My point is did the suppliments helpd me lost 10 lbs or was it from controling my portions, increasing my workout and reducing salt and sugar intake. Could I have lost it if I followed a sensible meal plan and excersize more????


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