HCG Ultra Reviews & Side Effects: Scam?

HCG Ultra Reviews & Side Effects: Scam?

by Alex

“Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”


I don’t know about you, but I am fast growing tired of all the cheesy ads about HCG diet products. They are everywhere- magazines, radio and TV. To me, these HCG products make no scientific sense at all (more on this later). What amaze me most is, people must be buying into hype, or the ads wouldn’t still be on the air! There’s a new product designed to ride on the trend called “HCG Ultra”.

Before we discuss HCG Ultra further, let’s take a closer look of HCG diet and controversy.

HCG is a hormone produced during pregnant to help the baby grow. In one study conducted by endocrinologist Dr. Simeons, low-dose daily injection of HCG, in combination of very low calorie diet (500 calorie per day) have shown to result in loss of body fat.

However, when other researchers tried to duplicate his results in double-blind studies, they found that HCG shot did not aid weight loss.

As it turns out, when you consume just 500 calorie a day, you can lose a lot of weight without HCG shots or any “miracle” diet pills. An average adult female need to consume at least 1200 calorieds per day. For teenager and men, the minimum is 1500. So, the recommended caloric intake for HCG diet is way below the recommended threshold. When you eat very little calories, you are essentially starving. It may result in initial weight loss, but the result is not sustainable. As your body adapts, it’s forced to go into “starvation mode” and the metabolism starts to slow down. Because of the changes, you will regain all the weight after you resume normal eating habit! 

And that’s not the only side effects. The extreme diet can result in formation of gallstones, irregular heartbeat, loss of muscle, and even death!

In addition, pure HCG requires prescription of doctor. Most of the HCG diet supplements  are marketed as “homeopathic”. In other words, they contain no HCG or only trace amount!

In fact, the FDA starts to crack down these products. They asked the consumers to stay away from HCG diet products because they are fraudulent and ineffective for weight loss. Besides, official warning letters were sent to companies selling HCG products for making unsupported claims.

So what about HCG Ultra? 

These are the red flags HCG Ultra:
#1. The HCG Ultra diet plans require you to eat 500 calorie diet per day. I’ve discussed about the danger of the method earlier.

#2. None claims of HCG Ultra are backed by reliable scientific evidence and peer-reviewed data.

#3. I can’t find the contact info of company behind HCG Ultra. The operating name is not disclosed. Also, the product is only available online.

#4. The ingredient list of HCG Ultra is not disclosed. You can’t tell if the products contains useful ingredients to benefit users.

#5. There are tons of complaints against HCG Ultra. The company touted the “free trials” that supposedly charge consumers for shipping. Then, the unsuspecting victims are billed repeatedly without their approval.

Bottom line?

Clearly, HCG Ultra is a questionable product, and it’s not something I would recommend.


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