Fastin XR Reviews and Side Effects: The Honest Analysis

Fastin XR Reviews and Side Effects: The Honest Analysis

by Alex

When I first hear about Fastin XR, my first thought was “they are back!” Fastin was a brand name for generic drug Phentermine, which acts as stimulants and appetite suppresants. It was previously sold as Fastin from King Pharmaceuticals for?SmithKline Beecham, however in 1998 it was removed from the market. These days, Fastin is marketed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals as dietary supplement, and it does not contain Phentermine. According to the company’s website, the origial Fastin supplement is a “revoluntary diet aid taking the market by storm.” And, the new Fastin RX is said to contain identical ingredients as found in Fastin, but “seriously pumps up the stimulant activity.”


The company can say whatever they want, it doesn’t change the fact that the claims are not backed by clinical studies. In addition, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’s ethnics appear to be questionable. It was known to produce tainted supplements, and the products were manufactured in substandard and unsanitary conditions. See for yourself here and here.

Fortunately, the Fed have done something. In year 2008, the CEO of the company was fined $50,000 and sentenced to 50 months in prison. The lawsuit was filed by Federal Trade Commissions, to the tune of $15,882,436 judgment.

Now, I am not sure why this comapny is still in business. One thing’s for sure: many people would jump on the bandwagon of Fastin RX without questioning. As they say, there’s sucker borns every minute.

So what’s in Fastin XR? Does Fastin XR really work?

The key ingredients of Fastin XR include:

Yohimbine HCL: is an alkoloid that exhibit stimulant and aphrodisiac effects. It’s widely used in sexual enhancement and weight loss supplements. Yohimbine has been shown to be effective in the reversal of sexual satiety and exhaustion in male rats . Another study of 29 men shows that it could be helpful treatment for orgasmic dysfunction. In addition, Yohimbine is found to exhibit mild weight loss effects in one study.

The thing is: the exact dosage of Yohimbine inside Fastin XR is not known. The ingredient list is proprietary blend. And, the range between an effective dose and a dangerous dose is very narrow! Higher dose of Fastin XR can result in adverse side effects, including stomach upset, sleep problem, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, panick attack, skin flushing, overstimulation and dizziness. Beside, it has been linked to adverse effects like renal failure, heart attack, and and kidney failure.

In other word, Yohimbine must be approach with be approached with great deal of caution.

Green Tea: for a while, Green Tea is all the rage. Not surprisingly, as many clinical studies show that it could be beneficial to overall health. However, the scientific evidence about green tea as weight-loss agent is inconclusive. It appears to induce thermogensis and stimulate fat oxidation, thus resulting in increased metabolism. (reference)

Caffeine: it’s a popular stimulant found in many weight loss supplements. Caffeine may help to boost energy and increase metabolism. Few preliminary studies indicate it may help promote thermogensis and deliver mild weight loss effects. (reference 1 & 2) Still, it’s unclear if caffeine can result in sustainable weight loss.
As mentioned, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals woudn’t let us know the precise amount of each ingredient inside Fastin XR. The caffeine content inside this supplement may be overdosage. Too much caffeine can cause spike in blood pressure and blood sugar. Also, caffeine could block a hormone that keep your arteries widened.

Even if you decide to stop taking caffeine, you may experience symptons of withdrawal, including headache, fatigue, sleep problems and inability to focus.

Synephrine: another strong stimulant. Devired from Bitter Orange, Synephrine is commonly used to promote weight loss, and as a popular substitue for ephdrine. Ephdrine was made illegal due to the associated health risks, including seize, stroke and heart attack. Although Synephrine is marketed as weight-loss aid, there’s little evidence to support the effectiveness.

The potential side effects of using synephrine include increased heart rate and increased heart pressure. Also, it’s reported to be linked to adverse cardiovascular reactions.

Theobromine: it is a primary alkaloid cocoa. It acts as mild stimuland and as diuretic.

Summary of Fastin XR Reviews

As you can see, Fastin XR does contain some powerful stimulants, but it’s hardly a ground-breaking formula. It’s particularly dangerous for people who are sensitive to stimulants. The best advice I can give you is to eat right and exercise regularly. Nobody should rely on supplements/pills alone to lose the pounds.


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